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We want you to see what our oscilloscopes can do.

You can now schedule a live demonstration with a Tektronix engineer, without the inconvenience of travel or lab bookings.

Live video conferencing will be scheduled as soon as 48 hours from your request. A personalised, interactive video presentation will be streamed from our lab in HD, and performed by one of our engineers.

These demonstrations are more than a simple sales pitch. Your engineers can ask questions of our experts, and together they can discuss your measurement challenges and potential solutions, and see the scope in action. You will be able to ensure that everyone completely understands the oscilloscope and its potential to address your needs. We can demonstrate to any audience, performing light or deep application demos.

Let us handle the logistics, and take the opportunity to show you why Tektronix is the go-to brand of oscilloscopes and other test and measurement  equipment for millions of engineers worldwide.

We're currently offering a limited number of demos on a trial basis. If you don't see the product you'd like demonstrated on the list, feel free to contact us with a request.

Examples of product demonstrations available:

  • 3 Series MDO (100 MHz - 1 GHz) or 4 Series MSO (200 MHz - 1.5 GHz) oscilloscopes
  • 5 Series (350 MHz - 2 GHz) or 6 series B (1 GHz - 10 GHz) oscilloscopes
  • Arbitrary Function Generator AFG31000
  • Real Time Spectrum Analyzers RSA500 and RSA600 series
  • Isolated IsoVu Probes (200 MHz - 1 GHz)
  • USB 2.0 compliance test
  • Automotive Ethernet compliance test
  • High Side Vgs measurements in Sic/GaN devices with IsoVu
  • KickStart software and SMUs (Source Measure Units)

We'd love to tell you about our scopes. Better yet, we want to let our engineers show you.

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