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Keithley 2601B-Pulse SMU

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Our expert, Artjom Bergmann, gives an overview of how the 2601B-Pulse SMU can be used for bench top characterization through to highly automated pulsed I-V production test.


  • Introduction
  • What does the SMU instrument stand for?
  • The Keithley 2601-Pulse SMU – an overview
  • Standard applications dedicated for the Keithley 2600B series (semiconductor materials, power electronic devices) 
  • Perfect high current pulse generation using the Keithley 2601B-Pulse 
  • The most demanding application in the automotive market – the VCSEL laser testing 
  • Advancing an optoelectronic market using the Keithley’s pulser 
  • Summary & Questions . 

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Ronald Dung

Artjom Bergmann

Tektronix Technical Support Engineer

Artjom Bergmann got his M.Sc. in Physics from University of Leipzig (Germany) in 2008. He then worked for several years in photovoltaics industry.

In 2017 he joined Tektronix, now focusing on SMUs and semiconductor test & measurement.