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  • Keithley DC Power Supply with Dynamic Battery Simulator model 2281S-20-6 at 40% discount!*
    • Can output up to 120 W of low noise, linear regulated power
    • Monitor load currents from 100 nA to 6 A with high accuracy
    • Measure voltage and current with 6-1/2 digit resolution

  • Keithley Digital Multimeter model 2110-240 / 2110-220 at 30% discount!*
    • 5½-Digit digital multimeter with superior measurement accuracy and high speed
    • Supports 15 measurement functions, including capacitance and thermocouple measurements
    • Supported by Kickstart Software

  • Keithley DC Bench Power Supply model 2231A-30-3 at 30% discount!*
    • Triple Channel DC Power Supply with isolated, independent, and adjustable outputs
    • Display voltage and current measurements continuously from all three outputs
    • Supported by Kickstart Software

  • Keithley 2230-30-1 at 30% discount!*
    • Triple output models with two 30V/1.5A (45W) channels and a 6V/5A (30W) channel
    • All channels are independently controlled and have isolated outputs for maximum flexibility
    • All channels have remote sensing to ensure that programmed voltage is accurately applied to the load

  • Tektronix Function Generator AFG1062 at 30% discount!*
    • 5 years warranty included!
    • 300MS/s sampling rate and 14-bit vertical resolution for great signal fidelity
    • Built-in 200MHz counter with 6-digit resolution

  • Tektronix TBS1KC up to 37% discount!
    • FREE Bandwidth Upgrade!
    • Get the 200MHz model for the price of the 100MHz

  • Tektronix 3 Series up to 69% discount!
    • FREE Bandwidth Upgrade plus free options
    • Get a fully loaded ‘scope to cover all your testing needs for the price of a standard ‘scope

  • Tektronix 4 Series up to 32% discount!
    • Buy a qualifying 4 Series MSO with our Ultimate Bundle and get a FREE Bandwidth Upgrade plus discount
    • Get serial decode, extended record length & many more options included for FREE

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*Offers valid until 3rd December 2021

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