Battery Testing Solutions for Research and Production

With Andrea Vinci

Dealing with Batteries in your Electronic Design?

We hear from incredible designers of ultra low power battery operated electronics, from enthusiast energized start-ups working on fancy electric bikes, gigantic battery cells manufacturers and system integrators serving Electrified Mobility OEMs.

Batteries are everywhere in our daily lives. This immediately lead us thinking of portable electronics, yet the most critical challenges for batteries providers are posed by high-energy, Li-Ion rechargeable cells, modules and pack used in Electrified Mobility. These complex electrochemical systems have strict performance and safety requirements to respect, and time consuming testing protocols to adopt. In this webinar we’ll look into the sequence of manufacturing steps and present the Keithley test solutions succesfully adopted at present by system integrators to fit test automation rack slots, and discuss how the future may look like in terms of testing demands.

Watch our on-demand webinar on Battery Testing and let us know your key challenges while we share our current solutions to some key electrical test cases.

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Presented by:

Andrea Vinci

Andrea Vinci
Technical Marketing Manager, Tektronix

Andrea is a Technical Marketing Manager at Tektronix. He holds a Master’s degree from University of Padova in Electronics. He worked as RF Designer, Test Manager, Applications Engineer, and then in Sales as Business Developer in EMEA. His expertise includes Test solutions for Semiconductors and Power Electronics Applications. He holds a BatteryMBA CPD from Battery Associates.