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FREE bandwidth upgrade and additional discount when you purchase a NEW 4 Series oscilloscope with our Ultimate Application Bundle.

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Offer ends 31st March 2022.

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4 Series MSO Offer

The 4 Series MSO offers outstanding detail and accurate measurements on all channels with 6.25 GS/s on all analog and digital channels, up to 62.5 Mpoints record length and 12-bit vertical resolution (16-bit in high res mode).

Our Application Bundles already offer fantastic value for money with savings of up to 90%, now if you purchase a qualifying 4 Series MSO plus the Ultimate Bundle, you not only get a FREE bandwidth upgrade to next level higher bandwidth but you also get additional discount off the cost of the ‘scope!

The Ultimate Bundle provides you with:

  • Extended record length to 62.5M points per channel
  • Decode and debug many serial buses ranging from MIPI D-PHY, I3C, CAN,USB, Ethernet & many more to suit a wide range of applications
  • Provide playback of signals or create custom waveforms via the built-in Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • 3 Phase Power Analysis, with SPMI triggering & decode plus PSRR and impedance

Our new 4 Series MSO oscilloscopes offer the largest, highest-resolution touch displays in their class. So, you can see even more of your signal. 


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Did you know, you can protect your investment from accidents with our Total Product Protection plan. Find out more.