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The semiconductor and electronics market are driven by new waves in Artificial Intelligence, Mobility and Green Energy.

Artificial Intelligence has emerged as a prominent trend in technology. AI-powered laptops and smartphones have become ubiquitous, and their integration with end-users is no longer a futuristic concept but a tangible reality. This burgeoning trend has led to the development of key applications such as intelligent embedded system, high-speed data communication and power efficiency.

Power electronics is expected to be the largest and fastest growing segment of the discrete semiconductor industry, with much of this growth being driven by new energy efficiency-related applications and technologies for electric vehicles (EV), hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), energy storage applications, and even for upcoming Urban Air Mobility (UAM systems).

Many segments of electronics, including the semiconductor, computer and mobility industries, are focusing on efficiency of energy generation, transmission, and consumption. Device manufacturers have traditionally relied on silicon (Si) technology for creating many of the devices used to control motors, regulate voltages, convert power, etc. The latest trends have given rise to the development and adoption of wide bandgap semiconductor materials such as Silicon Carbide and Gallium Nitride. Their performance and reliability in both communication and power electronics present waves of challenges that require attention.

Tektronix, as a leader in the electronic Test & Measurement industry with close to 80 years of experience and leadership in partnering with key industry leaders and research institution to help bring essential technology to people who accelerate progress.

We invite you to the Power Semicon Seminar, designed for researchers and industry professionals interested in semiconductor and power electronics. For more details, download the flyer here!

Join us to unleash the full potential of Next Generation Semiconductor Technologies today!

* Lunch will be provided. 
** Seminar seats are limited, and priorities will be given to relevant professionals. 

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Stephen Tang

Stephen Tang

Regional Applications Engineer

As our Regional Applications Engineer, Stephen helps fellow engineers accelerate project progress in multiple applications in power electronics, semiconductor characterization and material engineering.

Prior to Tektronix, Stephen was an applications engineer specialising in data acquisition and test automation. He collaborates closely with sales and marketing ensuring customer success.

Stephen received his Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.


Andrew Teh

Andrew Teh

Regional Applications Engineer

As our Regional Applications Engineer, Andrew helps fellow engineers accelerate project progress in multiple applications in the communication engineering segment.

Prior to Tektronix, Andrew was an experienced product engineer supporting 5G communication products and a NPI component materials engineer. He has working knowledge of RF and digital communication.

Andrew received his Bachelor and Master of Electronic Engineering from the University of Hull, UK.


Brian Ko

Brian (Tsz Kei) Ko

General Manager - APAC

Brian Ko is a professional in the electronic testing sector.

Brian has nearly 20 years of experience in the test and measurement industry. His expertise lies in power electronics testing.

Brian receive his Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.