Debugging embedded systems often involves looking for clues that are hard to discover just by looking at one domain at a time. The ability to look at time and frequency domains simultaneously can offer important insights.

Mixed domain analysis is especially useful for answering questions such as:

  • What's going on with my power rail voltage when I'm transmitting wireless and RF data? 
  • Where are the emissions coming from when i access memory? 
  • How long does it take for my PLL to stabilize after power-on? 

Join our live webinar today as we explore how you can analyze both time and frequency domains on your scope. 

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Joel Tong

Carl Wong

Regional Applications Engineer

As Regional Applications Engineer, Carl is responsible for the oscilloscopes and related applications. This includes power, serial bus decoder & analysis to high-speed communications.

Carl started his engineering career in as a Component Materials Engineer in Keysight Technologies where he worked in the supply chain organization dealing with Keysight's strategic suppliers to ensure the quality and assurance of supply of wide range of components.

He graduated from University of Nottingham with First Class Honors in Master’s Degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering.