In the field of semiconductor material research and device testing, a crucial aspect is to determine the resistivity and Hall voltage of a given sample.

The Van der Pauw method is a widely used technique for assessing the resistivity. With the 4200A-SCS parametric analyzer, researchers can benefit from a built-in test module, eliminating the need for programming and automation, and enabling them to concentrate on comprehending the materials.

This webinar will provide insights into measuring resistivity and Hall voltage using the Van der Pauw method and how to conduct this test effortlessly by using the 4200A-SCS parametric analyzer.

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Sharon Lau

Stephen Tang

Regional Applications Engineer

As our Regional Applications Engineer, Stephen helps fellow engineers accelerate project progress in multiple applications in power electronics, semiconductor characterization and material engineering.

Prior to Tektronix, Stephen was an applications engineer with National Instruments specialising in data acquisition and test automation. He collaborates closely with sales and marketing ensuring customer success.​​

Stephen received his Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.​​