Wide Band-gap (WBG) power devices (SiC and GaN) offer significant benefits over silicon based power devices. WBG Semiconductors play a big role in the future of power devices. They are smaller, faster and more efficient than their silicon counterpart. But they also present several validation test challenges.

In this session, we will talk about the wide bandgap test challenges, measurement techniques, and test equipment needs including the requirements for a scope, probing techniques, and automated test software that can help meet the tough challenges presented by wide bandgap semiconductor devices.

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Carl Wong

Carl Wong

Regional Application Engineer

As Regional Application Engineer, Carl is responsible for a wide range of oscilloscope applications from power conversions to serial bus communications and component test.

Carl was previously a Component Materials Engineer in Keysight Technologies where he worked in the supply chain organization dealing with Keysight's strategic suppliers to ensure the quality and assurance of supply of wide range of RF components.

He graduated from University of Nottingham with First Class Honors in Master’s Degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering.