The datasheet of a semiconductor device provides an engineer with its key characteristics and suitability for a given application.

Engineers often find that parts sourced from unauthorized channels may not behave according to the warranted specifications. This will cause unwanted issues which can be complex to fix upon integration into finished products.

In the first part of this three-part webinar series, we will be evaluating a variety of DC I/V characteristics of a packaged-level DUT using products across Keithley's industry leading bench portfolio

Join this session for a demonstration where we will be validating a semiconductor device against its datasheet specifications.

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Joel Tong

Joel Tong

Regional Application Engineer

As Regional Applications Engineer, Joel focuses on Source Measurement Units and Keithley System Solutions. He covers applications from semiconductor characterization to customized test systems in production and R&D.

Joel was previously a R&D Digital Design Engineer at Aemulus Corporation in Malaysia. He was responsible for writing firmware/drivers for automated test solution, specifically for SourceMeters.

He graduated from University of Southampton, UK with a Bachelor Degree in Electronic Engineering.