During IV testing, semiconductor devices can experience avalanche breakdown when excessively large voltages are applied. This results in a phenomenon known as snapback where the device exhibits negative resistance.

Current compliance is a fundamental requirement of our Keithley SourceMeters to prevent the device-under-test from being subjected to excessive power. Traditional current compliance schemes are unable to protect the DUT during snapback.

Learn more about the snapback phenomenon along with a brief overview of a SourceMeter's architecture, and Keithley's solution to tackle this challenging topic in semiconductor test and measurement.

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Joel Tong

Joel Tong

Regional Application Engineer

As Regional Applications Engineer, Joel focuses on Source Measurement Units and Keithley System Solutions. He covers applications from semiconductor characterization to customized test systems in production and R&D.

Joel was previously a R&D Digital Design Engineer at Aemulus Corporation in Malaysia. He was responsible for writing firmware/drivers for automated test solution, specifically for SourceMeters.

He graduated from University of Southampton, UK with a Bachelor Degree in Electronic Engineering.