5G systems rely on a combination of digital, analog and RF signals to operate. Being able to analyze signals across multiple domains is critical to finding interference, glitches, spurs, drop-outs, and other errors.

In this webinar, we will be covering how you can view signals across multiple domains to analyze several different types of measurements simultaneously with a single instrument using the 6 Series MSO. This can be carried out during a typical 5G system debug and validation scenario of a wideband RF amplifier.

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Sharon Lau

Andrew Teh

Regional Applications Engineer

As our Regional Applications Engineer, Andrew helps fellow engineers accelerate project progress in multiple applications in the communication engineering segment.

Prior to Tektronix, Andrew was an experienced product engineer with Keysight supporting 5G communication products and also a NPI component materials engineer. He has working knowledge of RF and digital communication.​

Andrew received his Bachelor and Master of Electronic Engineering from the University of Hull, UK.​