Gain Insights into Multi‑Signal Wireless Test Methods

Watch our brief video and see how RF engineers and researchers are accelerating their designs and pre-conformance tests by using SignalVu Spectrum Analyzer software (v. 5.4).  See how it can allow you to analyze the interplay of amplitude, frequency, phase, and time-domain behavior across multiple channels in order to debug and validate modern wireless communication systems, such as antenna arrays, next-gen RF transmitters, and mixed-signal ICs. 

A Complete System for Multi‑Channel Analysis

Multi‑signal wireless systems, such as high-throughput satellites and mesh networks require changes to existing testing methodologies. Tektronix’ SignalVu software together with oscilloscopes such as the 6 Series B MSO oscilloscope are specifically designed for RF spectral and modulation analysis across several channels simultaneously. That allows them to address the complex requirements of these modern setups, which needs a coherent multi-channel, wide-bandwidth test system, equipped with superior control and analytical capabilities.

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Tektronix MSO 6 B oscilloscope running SignalVu PC software and showing two signals on the same channel, a 64 QAM signal and a pulsed radar signal, are acquired and analyzed independently. Source 1 observes both signals, while Source 2 is set to analyze only the radar signal. Another source is dedicated to analyzing and demodulating the 64 QAM signal.

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