Multi-Channel RF & Pulse Analysis

See how RF design and validation engineers working on MIMO, phased-array and beam-forming systems can make fast, accurate pulse and phase measurements on as many as 8 channels.

Gain New Insights with Synchronized Multi-Channel Measurements

For multi-channel, fully synchronized RF analysis, consider SignalVu-PC software together with a 5 or 6 Series B MSO oscilloscope

  • 31 automated pulse parameter measurements and statistics deliver insight into multi-channel radar or EW systems 
  • Up to 8 phase-coherent inputs save time optimizing antenna array phase shifters and attenuators 
  • Directly measure baseband signals by configuring each RF input as IQ or differential IQ 

Multi-channel pulse analysis software in combination with oscilloscope provides flexibility and usability even in complex environments, utilizing the equipment’s cross-domain analysis, pinpoint triggering, and independent channel controls.

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Synchronized RF Analysis

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