Moving Towards 6G: Meeting Tomorrow’s Communication Demands

In this Tek Insights conversation, Cody Gough talks to Fernando Gomez, Tektronix Wireless Technology Architect, about changes in signal analysis requirements as we implement 6G.

Topics will included:

  • Massive machine-to-machine (MTM) on IoT 
  • More communication and network decentralization
  • Dealing with impairments that result from dramatically increased clock rates
  • Creating baseband signals wide enough to carry information without loss of quality
  • Devices leveraging each other as elements of a network to move data more efficiently and reliably

As technology advances, signal fidelity and quality become increasingly important. Fernando explains the increasing importance of generating precise wideband signals and analyzing the signals on the receiver side to make sure they’ve been transmitted correctly.

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Fernando Gomez

Fernando Gomez

Wireless Technology Architect, Tektronix

Fernando Gomez is an RF/Telecommunications Test & Measurement professional with Microwave/RF/Optical Communications background, serving Tektronix customers in the Mid-Atlantic US region. Fernando earned his BSEE and MBA from Rutgers University (New Jersey) and Lehigh University (Pennsylvania).