Applying Fast and Frequent Link Health Evaluation 

for Root Cause Analysis and Real-World Simulation

DATE: Thursday, December 8th
TIME: 9:00AM PT / 12:00PM ET

As the world progresses towards faster and faster high speed I/O device (HSIO) data rates, the need for higher performance equipment continues to grow. But with these performance improvements have come increased test times and set up complexities which have introduced the need for a new category of test equipment focused on ease of use and time to insight. 

In this webinar you will see several real-world examples where a new tool for evaluating PCIe® link health, the Tektronix TMT4 Margin Tester, enabled root cause analysis or real-world simulation testing for both transmit and receive signal paths in less than an hour

Our examples include:

Transmitter (Tx) Testing:

  • BIOS Settings and Interoperability
  • Re-Driver Gain Design and Interoperability
  • First-Phase Development Board Evaluation
  • DUT Performance Comparison 
  • Riser Card Loss Detection

Receiver (Rx) Testing:

  • Comparison of Rx Test Results: TMT4 and Compliance Testing
Tektronix TMT4 Margin Tester

Register now to see how the NEW TMT4 Margin Tester brings unique insights into PCIe Gen 3 and Gen 4 designs in minutes thereby providing a valuable complement to other available test solutions. 



Michael Seaholm, Product Manager, Tektronix

Michael Seaholm

Product Manager, Tektronix

Michael Seaholm is a Product Manager for Performance Oscilloscopes at Tektronix Inc. He has spent four years as a Product Manager in the Test and Measurement industry, including three years at Fluke Corporation in their Electrical Calibration Business and over a year at Tektronix. Michael has a BSEE in Electrical Engineering from Montana State University and has spent his career in Product Management focused on bringing new innovations to test and measurement through consistent engagement with customers.

Evan Smith, Applications Engineer, Tektronix

Evan Smith

Applications Engineer, Tektronix

Evan Smith is an Application Engineer on the Performance Marketing team with several years of experience working with high-speed serial communication standards.