SiC/GaN Components: 5 Key Tests

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With components made from wide bandgap materials becoming commonplace in the consumer space, more engineers than ever are interested in integrating these components into their designs. This webinar will present techniques for high power characterization of Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) components. We will look at power levels as high as 2000W and electrical levels of up to 3,000V or 100A. 

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  • Techniques for combining high and low power test equipment
  • 5 Important characterization tests for wide bandgap components
  • Safety best practices for working with high power

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Brad Odhner

Technical Marketing Manager, Tektronix

Brad Odhner is a Technical Marketing Manager with responsibility for the Keithley line of products from Tektronix. Prior to this he was a Keithley Applications Engineer. He holds a degree in physics from Case Western Reserve University. His experience with the Keithley product line has ranged from extremely sensitive semiconductor measurements to high volume switching and data acquisition systems.