Next-Level Precision: When a DMM is Not Enough

02/24/2022 : 11am PST/2pm EST

Are you asking too much from your existing instruments?

Measuring the extremes of current, voltage, and resistance can very quickly require capabilities not found in even top-of-the-line bench digital multimeters. Working with materials, detectors, or next-generation semiconductor technologies like SiC and GaN can quickly exceed existing instrument capability. Switching to more sensitive equipment, like nanovoltmeters, picoammeters or electrometers, will enable you to characterize low-level phenomena at the edge of the measurement envelope, more accurately.

But moving from a DMM to sensitive equipment can seem daunting, with new connection requirements and considerations in speed and noise. 

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  • How to identify when sensitive equipment is required in your setup
  • What to watch for when using a sensitive instrument
  • Tips on getting best results when using a sensitive instrument

Join Keithley Applications Engineer, Liz Makley, to learn when you should consider more sensitive equipment, and discuss the tricks and pitfalls when moving to sensitive equipment. 

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Elizabeth Makley 

Applications Engineer, Keithley

Elizabeth is an Applications Engineer supporting Keithley’s digital multimeter, switching, data acquisition and sensitive product lines. Prior to her full time position, she worked as a co-op supporting Keithley’s semiconductor characterization systems. She graduated from the University of Toledo with a degree in electrical engineering and a degree in computer science and engineering.