Making High Quality
Open Circuit Voltage Measurements on
Battery Cells

Measuring the open circuit voltage of a battery cell is relatively straightforward. However, this simple measurement is one of the most critical measurements made on the battery during the manufacturing process. Open circuit voltage can be used to judge the capacity and the quality of the battery. It is also one of the most common measurements used to monitor the battery during use.

Getting accurate open circuit voltage measurements is key to understanding a battery's performance. 

Join Keithley Applications Engineer, Liz Makley, to discuss what open circuit voltage is and how to get the best measurements possible.

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  • What open circuit voltage or OCV is and why it’s important to battery measurement
  • How to measure the open circuit voltage on a battery or any other device, and the merits of using our DMM7510 to make the measurement. 
  • Considerations to make to improve the quality of your measurement

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Elizabeth Mackley

Elizabeth Mackley

Application Engineer

Elizabeth is an Applications Engineer supporting Keithley’s digital multimeter, switching, data acquisition and sensitive product lines. Prior to her full time position, she worked as a co-op supporting Keithley’s semiconductor characterization systems. She graduated from the University of Toledo with a degree in electrical engineering and a degree in computer science and engineering.