AS9100 – Optimizing Test & Measurement Equipment Calibrations for Passing Audit

Sponsored by SAE International and Tektronix

Join us as we explore one of the most often reported non-compliance findings of an AS9100 audit: test and measurement equipment calibrations.

Gain guidance and learn from AS9100 experts about the standard, planned revisions, and insights specific to calibration, as well as common challenges, best practices, and real-world examples of calibrations that pass audit by Tektronix AS9100 Auditor and Calibration Lab Manager Guy Robinson.

Topics of discussion include:

  • The AS9100 standard and upcoming revisions
  • AS9100 requirements for test and measurement equipment calibrations
  • Including AS9100 calibrations in your quality policy
  • Issues that commonly cause calibrations to fail audits
  • Guidance and best practices for passing audits
  • Helpful audit planning checklist
  • Real-world examples of failures and successes

Watch the webinar now to learn more about passing the AS9100 audit.

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Guy Robinson

Tektronix AS9100 Auditor and Calibration Lab Manager

Guy Robinson has 35 years of electronics, semiconductor and metrology experience, including: Intel Operations Manager, Tektronix Calibration Lab Manager, and a career in the US Air Force. He has been responsible for the accreditation, renewal and all quality aspects of up to 35 accredited laboratories worldwide. He is a Certified Quality Auditor by the ASQ with expertise in ISO 9001 & ISO/IEC 17025, has published papers on the auditing process with NCSLI, and is a Lead Assessor with the A2LA.

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Alan Daniels

Quality Management System Strategy, Integration and Industry Standards Management, The Boeing Company

Mr. Daniels is one of the world's foremost process management and quality management systems experts for ISO 9001 and 9100:2016. He is responsible for the advancement of process management strategy, development and the deployment of quality requirements and processes across the Boeing Company and throughout the world. Alan has 39 years’ experience in aerospace Quality, Manufacturing and Engineering.