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High Speed Interface: Revolutionize Your Connection

  • Move data from your compatible instruments to your PC at up to 2.5 times the current speeds to socket connection.
  • Supports asynchronous (command / response) and sync data streams.
high speed interface

Native Python Drivers Support: Maximize Your Efficiency

Accelerate your development time with official Tektronix Python drivers. Get Python code completion, syntax checking, and context sensitive help with our free library. The current release includes support for Tektronix 2, 4, 5, and 6 Series and MSO/DPO70000 oscilloscopes, DPOJet application and Keithley 2400 Graphical Series SMU instruments.

Beta drivers are available for an expanded number of instrument categories, including arbitrary waveform generators, digital multimeters, data acquisitions systems, power supplies, and switching systems.

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Tektronix Python drivers

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